Mary Lewis

When our law firm was dealing with this case, it was about an African American Nurse put through a Mandatory unpaid Overtime at work. Besides that she also told about a Hostile Work Environment situation. She reported the organization and the company targeted her. Our firm challenged that unlawful action.

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Gary Winkler

When an employee asked us to represent his interests in a case of a sexual harassment by another male colleague - we were eager to take on it. The harassment happened while he was on a business trip. The unprovoked touching was reported to supervisors, but they've tried to keep the thing down. Our lawyers have sent a detailed settlement offer to the company that their attorneys responded to favorably.

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Hexi Co.

While working with this company we've been handling soem patent lawsuits that the Hexi Co. company filed against their competitors in the market. We''ve had a long and arduous fight. As our whole intellectual property and patent rights division of lawyers and paralegals showcased their skills, we eventually were able to win.

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