Amy Lambert

This case is an example of a female employee facing rough and hostile treatment at her workplace on the basis of racial discrimination. The employee has thus been unlawfully terminated. Our team of lawyers was able to settle a reasonable deal and her personal work record was amended by the employer...

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The most recent case that we've worked at for this Internet giant's company has been about the mergers & acquisition. That department, managed by our senior lawyer and managing partner Gerald Harrison worked on this specific case for over a year. But eventually, the legal facts and arguments that they have successfully gathered have proven our client's claims.

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The Glippery company has been one of our oldest customers, with our team of lawyers working with them since 1992. Most recently we've been representing their interests when solving one of the business disputes inside their company's management. Eventually, it never made it to court hearings, which was our client's desire.

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Jamez Murdoch

This is an example of an unlawful job termination done by a big pharmaceutical company... Following a long process of investigation and facts assessments, it turned out to be a case of discrimination based on race or ethnicity. Our team of lawyers and paralegals worked day and night and eventually won the case.

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