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Janice Grieg


When our law firm was dealing with this case, it was about an African American Nurse put through a Mandatory unpaid Overtime at work. Besides that she also told about a Hostile Work Environment situation.  She reported the organization and the company targeted her.  Our firm challenged that unlawful action.

Result: Case won.

As a part of our lengthy effort to help Ms. Monaghan, our team of lawyers went through roughly 6 stages in working on a case:

Legal Stage #1:

We’ve been assessing the case’s details, analyzing the odds of winning and how firm (legally speaking) our stand in it will be.

Legal Stage #2:

Gathering and filing all the paperwork on time is one of the most monotone job lawyers do but on the other hand one of the most crucial ones…

Legal Stage #3:

Cross-examining the evidence and interviewing Michelle’ colleagues was vital.

Legal Stage #4:

Rejecting an insufficiently good settlement offer was a hard, but a right thing to do, after which we’ve headed straight to the trial itself.

Legal Stage #5:

Assessing a jury, we came to a conclusion it looks favorable for our client’s cause…

Legal Stage #6:

After doing all the hard work we’ve been paid off – our client has won the case and a substantial sum of reparations in damage with it!

Just as usually with our legal practice, this case has proven once again that the hard work our team does will always pay off with a positive verdict!

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