The Glippery company has been one of our oldest customers, with our team of lawyers working with them since 1992. Most recently we've been representing their interests when solving one of the business disputes inside their company's management. Eventually, it never made it to court hearings, which was our client's desire.

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Jamez Murdoch

This is an example of an unlawful job termination done by a big pharmaceutical company... Following a long process of investigation and facts assessments, it turned out to be a case of discrimination based on race or ethnicity. Our team of lawyers and paralegals worked day and night and eventually won the case.

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Janice Grieg

This is a good example of a family law case. Edward, Janice's husband has tried to declare the prenuptial agreement those 2 signed as null and void. While we protected the legal grounds of that document, we found out and proved to the court and the judge, that he was seeking to collect a newly obtained principal capital, not a subject to the prenuptial agreement they've priorly signed.

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